Valera Classic 1955 Set

Classic 1955 Hair Dryer with Efalock Fine Mist Spray Bottle and Valera X’Carbon Long Cutting Comb
Dryer Features:

  • 1875 watts
  • LONG-LIFE AC Universal Motor
  • Thermal cooled metal body in chrome-plated premium steel
  • Ionic generator for conditioned, shiny hair
  • Colour Care™ prevents fading
  • 6 Airflow/temerature combinations
  • Instant cold air button
  • Ultra-slim open air system concentrator nozzle
  • Includes cloth bag



Long-life AC motor  thermal-cooled-outer-case  Super conditioning ionic care  Color-Care_prevents fading  Super-Power  Ultra-slim-nozzle  Swiss-Made

Additional information

Weight 3.00 lbs


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