Maraes Permanent Hair Color


Nourishing Instense Brilliant Color


Maraes Permanent Hair Color System

Maraes Permanent Hair Color is an ammonia free hair coloring system formulated to meet the needs of even the most demanding clients who, over the years, are becoming more and more knowledgeable and are always on the lookout for gentle coloring products that are kind to the scalp, while giving extra shine and hydration to the hair.


a source of health and strength for your hair

The key ingredient of the Maraes range is Monoi de Tahiti® (certified ORGANIC), an organic oil obtained from the ‘enfleurage’ of Copra Oil and Tiaré Tahiti flowers.

Copra Oil is extracted from coconuts through a boiling and pressing process and then blended with Tiaré Flowers and left to steep in special emulsions for 12 days. After this, the oil is left to rest for 24 hours before being filtered and enriched with antioxidant solutions.

Precious Monoi de Tahiti combined with natural antioxidants is gentle on hair, it makes the coloring process a truly enjoyable experience and gives us a special formula free of aggressive substances.



Permanent oxidation coloring, Ammonia Free

Maraes is a complete coloring system consisting of:

More than 50 amazing shades divided into Natural, Ash, Gold, Copper, Red, Violet, Mahogany and cool and warm Browns;

3 High Lift Shades;

5 Intensifiers;

4 Developers to choose from depending on the desired result;

Lightening Oil with controlled action.

An innovative permanent oxidation hair coloring system free of ammonia, PPD, gluten, parabens and SLES.

An effective reconstruction and regeneration treatment for hair, thanks to the precious ingredients in the formula such as Monoi de Tahiti and Beeswax that protect hair, preventing excessive loss of hydration. The Formula nourishes the hair, plumping it from the inside out.

The soft texture of the coloring cream makes it easy to apply and the special soothing ingredients help carry the pigments inside the hair shaft. The purity of the color pigments guarantees maximum coverage and color intensity. Maraes leaves the hair soft, healthy and shiny.

For best color results, mix with Maraes Developer with a 1:1 mixing ratio for all colors and 1:2 for high lift colors.

Combining Maraes Color with Maraes Developers enhances the result of the color service. The developers are enriched with restorative, conditioning active ingredients that deliver vibrant tones, long-lasting color, incredible hydration and nourishment for the hair.

Size: 100 ml

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