Blunt Bang

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Salon Ambiance Hand-tied Front “V” Shaped Bang Hair Piece

  • 100% human hair with 3 clips
  • Base size: 4″ x 0.75″
  • Each wing: 2.75″
  • Hair length: 7″
  • Weighs 14 grams

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Make a statement in your salon with these beautifully made hair pieces. The Ambiance Collection is not a wig. It is a top piece made of 100% remy human hair, that covers balding or thinning areas. The Blunt Bang is an easy 3-snap clip-in bang. The “V” shape snaps discreetly into the actual hair to create a naturally blended connection covering thinning or receding frontal/temple areas. Invisible, breathable shear base is like a second skin. Crafted so that you can make the hair parting on the left, middle or right side simply by using a blow dryer. Each piece of hair was hand-tied so it can achieve multi-directional parting. Each piece is made with a “Natural Fall” meaning the ends are not trimmed. This allows them to be worn as is or receive a customized haircut.


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