BONDPLEX 1 Creator

Anti-Breakage System

  • 500 mL / 16 oz. approximately 150+ applications
  • No change in processing time
  • No barrier against the lifting process
  • No change in developer level
  • Seals the cuticle preventing damage during: coloring, bleaching, perms, highlighting, bayalage
  • Deeper penetration of color pigment
  • Keratin compliant
  • Compatible with all services and treatments(even perms)
  • Lightens extensions without the usual damage
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The CREATOR is a revolutionary product that enhances any chemical service (ie. colors, bleach, balayage), creating and repairing the disulfide bonds in the hair. The CREATOR allows the treatment to penetrate deeper into the cortex leaving the hair stronger and more vibrant. 500 mL / 16 oz. approximately 150+ applications. Available with measuring cup.

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