DRY Evolution Rotating Shear

VIA 7.0″ Precision Cut Rotating Thumb,  Crane Handle Dry or Wet Cutting Shear

  • Convex Edge: NEW Precision Power™
  • Crane Handle: Allows you to comfortably cut with your elbow down
  • Polymer Pivot Glide™ Reduces Wear in the Pivot Area
  • Rotating Anatomic Thumb allows a wide range of thumb movement
  • Ball Bearing Tension System
  • Material: Cobalt/Molybdenum Alloy Steel Compares to other Japanese Shear Selling for $600-700


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The all new DRY Evolution shear from VIA takes cutting to a whole new level of PRECISION. It starts with a completely new edge design that allows you a much greater ability to cut dry hair without as much movement on the blade. Hydrogen bonds are intact in dry hair making it 30% harder to cut, which is why we have invented the PRECISION POWER™ CONVEX blade design. This added precision will speed up your work and give you a new level of control. Of course it’s smooth and precise for wet hair too. Made from Japanese Cobalt/Molybdenum/Vanadium alloy steel with VIA CryoTemp™ tempering the precsion of these blades will last and last.

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7.0 inch


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