Dispenser Cap System
Our Flip-It Deluxe Beauty Cap Kit (37 Pc) includes the following:

  • (6) 38mm Black Base Caps
  • (1) 33mm Red Adapters
  • (4) 28mm Orange Adapters
  • (1) 24mm Yellow Adapters
  • (1) Full Set of Gaskets
  • (1) Spare Set of Gaskets
  • (1) Storage Mesh Bag

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As the level of thick product in bottles gets lower and lower, it takes an increasingly longer amount of time to access the product you need. We’ve all been there…shaking, pounding, shaking some more, trying to urge the product out of the bottle…from sink to shower to dinner table, this inefficient process takes place constantly and continuously. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking and time that can be much better spent is being wasted chasing product. The worst part is, this exact frustrating process is going to happen again, and again, and again, until we’ve used up what’s in the bottle. Its like fighting a losing battle over and over. At some point, many people give up and throw the bottle away, with valuable product (and money) still trapped inside. Flip-It!® puts an end to this expensive cycle of frustration and time wasting for good.

The simple Flip-It!® cap system allows you to support your bottles of product upside down so that gravity pulls the product to the opening, and as soon as you need product, its waiting for you, instantly ready to come out.

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Weight.25 lbs


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