Pro X Reverso S Barrel

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1/2″-3/4″ Reverso Small Barrel Head

  • Handle Not Included
  • Tourtainum™ / Titanium/Tourmaline Fusion Non-Stick Barrel
  • Tribostatic® 2 / Enhanced Ceramic Heat Distribution
  • Dual Voltage / International Compatibility
  • PhantomLOCK™ Technology

In stock

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Pro X Reverso Barrel is known for creating voluminous looks that start at the root. For best results, air dry hair and curl when dry, hold on hair for 7-10 seconds for optimal curl longevity. Handle Not Included. Tourtainum™ is Titanium & Tourmaline Fused Non-Stick Barrel.  Tribostatic® 2 Ceramic Heat Distribution Controller. Dual Voltage for International Compatibility. PhantomLOCK™ Technology.

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