SIX Volume Developer

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Pulp Riot 6 Volume Premium Developer

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6 volume premium developer; 1.8%
Pulp Riot lightener and developers are designed to be used together for maximum results.

You can use 6 volume developer in 4 ways:
1) mix with our lightener to gently brighten ends when foiling or hair painting
2) mix 1 part lightener to 2 parts 6 volume developer to gently pull old Pulp Riot color out of the hair when you’re ready for a change
3) mix with our soon to be released toners for depositing color in the hair
4) can be mixed with most permanent or demi-permanent color lines to create a premium consistency for your color applications

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Weight .1 lbs

32 oz.


David and Alexis Thurston, creators of nationally recognized brands Butterfly Loft and Butterfly Circus, are the architects behind Pulp Riot, an innovative new hair color company that empowers stylists to think of themselves as artists while providing them with superior paint to create their masterpieces. A team of high profile stylists, including Ash Fortis, Iris Smith, Jay Wesley Olson, Ricky Zito, and others was assembled to work with the Thurstons to formulate Pulp Riot’s line of hair color products. These artists are also part of the ownership group and each has a leadership role in the marketing, education, or product development departments. This team of stylists from the beauty community had become more influential in shaping current color tends than the traditional beauty industry had, and they had become increasingly underwhelmed by the color options that were available to them, so they set out to formulate products that were easier to apply, had more vibrant tones, faded truer to tone, and lasted longer.

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