Spornette Italian Boar 855

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3-1/4 inch Italian Boar Bristle Round Hair Brush

  • Boar bristles re-distribute natural oils on the hair and scalp to leave a healthy, shiny finish
  • Wood handle
  • Best when used on longer length hairstyles and hair sections

In stock

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This is the one of the largest size diameters of the Italian Boar Bristle Round Brush collection. The 3-1/4 inch Italian Round Brush is ideal for styling longer length hairstyles. This round styling brush features a wood handle and boar bristles, which tightly hold the hair in place during the blow dry so you can add curl and volume. The Italian Collection is Spornette premier boar rounder collection.
TIP: As a general rule, the length of the section to be styled or dried determines the diameter of the brush to be used. The longer the hair section, the larger the brush diameter needs to be.

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