Triport First & Finish

Regenerating Collagen Complex

  • Use as a pre-treatment: apply evenly over dry hair for 3-7 minutes and rinse
  • Mix with color or bleach: add a half oz. to every 2-3 oz. mixture
  • Add to perms: add a half oz. to every 3 oz. of neutralizing solution

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Use before or after color, bleach, relaxers, perms. May be added to color and bleach. Use as a leave-in treatment for coarse hair or rinse conditioning on fine hair. Helps eliminate chemical odors as it restores balance and helps strengthen processed hair. The professional collagen complex assists in restoring the hair’s balance, vitality and natural shine. Makes all chemical processing more comfortable for your client with an instant brilliant finish.

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Weight1 lbs

10.56 oz.


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