VIA Fit 23-Tooth Blender

Fit Rotating Thumb, 23-Tooth Seemless Blender

  • Convex Edge: The Smoothest Cutting Blade Design Available
  • Crane Handle: Allows you to comfortably cut with your elbow down
  • Polymer Glide™ Glide Reduces Wear in the Pivot Area
  • Anatomic Thumb Allows a wide range of thumb movement
  • Ball Bearing Flat Line Tension System
  • Material: Molybdenum Alloy Steel Compares to other Japanese Shear Selling for $600-700


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The all New VIA FIT 23-Tooth Seamless Blender™. One cut an you will fall in love with this amazing blending/thinning shear. Unlike old style thinning shears, this shear leave no line when you cut. Instead you remove weight with no cut lines. If that weren’t already a reason to want one, this shear also allows you to cut and comb out with the blades closed at any angle, without pulling or tugging at the hair. It allows you to work much more naturally with this shear and with your clients unaware you are even using a blending shear. Point cut with it, and you can lift out weight anywhere you want. Ask your VIA dealer to let you try the FIT Seamless Blender™, you will simply be amazed by the quality of this shear. Made in Japan.

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available in 1 size


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