VIA Lyte Thinner

Ultralight 26-Tooth Finishing Shear

  • Convex Edge: The Smoothest Cutting Blade Design Available
  • Crane Handle with Removable Finger Rest
  • Anatomic Thumb
  • Flat Line Tension System
  • Material: Duralite Alloy


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LYTE brings high end cutting performance to a price level every stylist can afford. The LYTE detail finishing shear is a tool the world has been waiting for. Smoothly remove weight without creating lines. Blend and Control weight distribution.

No compromises! Convex blades for a super smooth cut and an effortless slide cut. Light weight and small enough to get into all those tight spots convex blades for a smooth super smooth cut and an effortless slide cut. Ultralight weight and crane handle allow for easy comfortable use. Anatomic Thumb for comfortable control and duel finger rest positions to fit your hand. These shears perform like they should sell for $400 but the go light on your wallet, too. Made in Japan.

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Weight.1 lbs

available in 1 size


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