DRY Evolution Texture Shear

VIA 16-tooth Precision Speed Cut Dry or Wet Texturizing Shear

  • Convex Edge: NEW Precision Power™
  • Crane Handle: Allows you to comfortably cut with your elbow down
  • Polymer Pivot Glide™ Reduces Wear in the Pivot Area
  • Ball Bearing Tension System
  • Material: Cobalt/Molybdenum Alloy Steel Compares to other Japanese Shear Selling for $600-700


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The NEW SpeedCut™ Wet/Dry texture shear is ideal for doing all or major parts of a haircut with a texture shear. When you want it to look like the clients’ hair just naturally grew into the shape you have created, this shear can make it happen quickly and easily. The smooth cut will amaze you too because this is a modern texture tool that is built to perform. With durable CryoTemp™ Molybdenum alloy blades this shear is built to last.


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