Feather Detail Razor Kit

Jatai Feather Detail Razor Kit includes:

  • Feather Black Detail Razor
  • 10 Feather Standard Blades
  • Blade Disposal Case
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The Feather Detail Razor is the shorter version of the Styling Razor giving you more control over your cutting strokes. This razor has a handle that’s 1″ shorter than the Styling Razor. For this reason it’s perfect for the hairdresser with small hands or for the stylist who wants to create detail in the hair and use smaller strokes.

The FEATHER Black Detail Razor is the world’s #1 haircutting razor! Having won Launchpad’s Readers Choice Award year after year, FEATHER® razors have become the razor of choice for over half a million stylists. The Feather Black Detail Razor uses both the Feather Standard Blades and Feather Texturizing Blades.

The cutting performance of the blades surpass any other competitor blade on the market today as Feather has set the standard in manufacturing the sharpest and safest razor cutting blades in the industry. The cutting edge of the FEATHER® blade is designed to give you the cutting control you need to be creative. The blade fits snug into the handle and does not chatter or move when cutting. The blade itself is sharp, but with the patented blade guard, it makes it safe for you and your client…meaning you won’t cut yourself with this blade! The design also prevents hair from clogging between the guard and blade.

Changing the blade is easy and safe. The Feather Blade Disposal Case allows for easy and safe disposal of used Feather blades. Simply place the razor head inside the slot and pull the razor towards you, releasing the used blade into the case so that you never touch the blade.

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