Trionics Actuator

Actuator  20-30 volume peroxide, lifts 2-3 levels

  • HEALTHIER HAIR: ingredients derived from sea kelp create an advanced alternative to regular, damaging peroxide
    – Enzyme plant proteins set you free from the fear of damaged hair. These ammonia-free formulas nourish, heal and protect the hair and scalp, leaving hair manageable, soft, shiny and luxuriously beautiful.
  • FASTER PROCESSING: enzymes naturally accelerate chemical reactions
    – Do color treatments in half the time without the usual damage.
    – Process 2-3 clients in the time it currently takes to do one and watch your business grow!
  • SUPERIOR RESULTS: pH 4.0 acidic formula helps to close down the cuticle, locking in the color
    – Color is truer and lasts longer than you ever thought possible.
    – Reds are brighter, browns are richer and blondes are more vibrant.
  • ELIMINATES BRASSY TONES: violet-based, cream-based, high-lift developers drab out brass
    – Lighten to levels previously unimaginable, on scalp and off, safely!
    – Get cooler tonal values and gorgeous high lift color. Perfect for sunkissed highlights and on-trend techniques such as balayage and ombre!
    – Tested and used by thousands of colorists for nearly 30 years.
    – Asian, African-American, Hispanic, Caucasian, previously treated and virgin hair, with beautiful results every time.


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Actuator Enzyme Color Developer improves results compared to a regular 20-30 volume peroxide. Lifts 2-3 levels. Use with all permanent colors, liquid and powder bleach.

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32 oz.


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